LT. Ernest J. Nackord
United States Army Air Force
September 8, 1924 Pacific Grove, California
Class 44-K
Primary Aircraft --B26 Martin Marauder
Other Aircraft --P-61, B-29, A-26
DOS Oct '42 to May '46

Quote: "In high school during the Battle of Brittain, the RAF pilots were my heroes.that motivated me to enlist in the Aircorps right after my 18th Birthday". "They are still my heroes"

"Well, since you asked; here is an outline of my career in the United States Army Air Force"

"It has been over 50 years and my logs, photos, diary, discharge papers and just about every personal momento and picture I had from that time were all lost many, many years ago; an occurrence that bothers me greatly, especially now, since so many of us are now in the twilight of our lives.   

I have been able to gather up a lot of momentos, and letters over the years from other former Air Corps pilots so I am happy to share them with you and anybody else who might come along.

Following is a brief description of where I served during my career:

"I entered the Army Air Force and was originally class of 43-K. I was medically examined and required surgery.. and finally graduated in 44-K. The following were my duty stations as best as I can recall".

Pre-flight was San Antonio, Texas.
Primary Flight Training was in Stamford, Texas.
Basic Flight School at Perrin Field, Sherman,Texas.
Advanced Flight School in Waco, Texas.
B-26 Duty was mostly Frederick, Oklahoma O.R.D. Overseas Replacement Depot at Kerns, Utah A.T.C. (Air Transport Command at Hill Field, Ogden, Utah after VJ Day.