Dwight Alverson
Born Decataur Illinois 1920
9th AF 405th FG 510FS P-47 ETO         
"Figuring that our P-47s would be looking for him, and not wanting to be caught out in the open, the Troop-Train engineer attempted to hide on a curve that was between two hills.

What he didn't know was it created a bathtub effect. Meaning that the concussion from the bombs was contained by the contour of the hills and magnified the effect of the explosions. Like dropping a bomb in a barrel.

I was flying wing on the Squadron Leader and we unloaded four 500 pounders between the two of us. Between 1500 and 3000 casualties. There was nothing left but some twisted smoking metal. You just kept telling yourself that they wouldn't be shooting up any of our boys and they died fast. It was the only thing you could hang onto to keep from going over the edge with all that carnage."

  "During the attack, I caught some flak and my plane started coming apart all around me. I was only a few hundred feet off the ground and bailed. They say my chute never opened. I ended up going through some trees and haystacks and ended up somehow with just minor injuries.