From "Time Magazine" Man of the Year. Jan 1, 1951 Issue

(Before he set World Record in F-106. And before he flew a U2 that confirmed Russian Missiles in Cuba. And before he was one of the lead pilots in the SR-71 Program

CAPTAIN "WHISTLIN' JOE" ROGERS, 26, of the 36th Squadron, Eight Fighter-Bomber Group, had probably killed more North Koreans and Chinese than any other flyer. During World War II, to his disgust, he had been an instructor, saw no combat. He had made up for it in Korea. Air Force men liked to talk about Joe's exploits—his trick of barrel-rolling when he came in for a strafing run, the time he attached a whistle to one of his wings to scare the enemy, thus earned his nickname. The story they liked best was the one about Joe chatting at the bar with a Douglas B-26 pilot who, not knowing Joe's record, was beefing because he had to fly combat two days in a row. "How many missions you got?" asked Joe. "Eight," said the other flyer. Joe didn't say anything. At that point a third man joined them and asked Joe how many missions he had. "Hundert an'fifty-three," said Joe. The B-26 man quietly set down his glass and faded away.