Sept 2001

Couldn't seem to find your phone # to ask if you really want a bio in my case, (don't see why you should), but - I was in flight training when WWII ended, after 2 1/2 yrs overseas in Pacific - various forms of artillery, last gig was as CO of 155mm Gun Battery in the Leyte landing; part of a Marine group on loan to XXIVth Army Corps.

Was requesting flight training all the way.

Did fly 87 combat missions over N. Korea, 71 of them carrier based, in tired old Corsairs.

Flew SBD (little), F4U (800+ hrs), F7F, F9F 4,5 & 8, F3D, F2H2 & 4, A4, S2F, R4D-8, SNB/C-45 (entirely too much), T-33, UF-1.   117 carrier landings, all on CVE's.   Once figured out I had 19 different types of assigmnent in USMC (including 5 yrs in nuclear weapons programs - conducted LantFlt Mk 12 OST - and 6 yrs on loan to Navy in space & missile applications.)

Born in Nicaragua (Marine father - went back there when 8 for 2 yrs until 1931 earthquake). 21 yrs later in June 42 commissioned a 2nd balloon from USNA (sworn in by my father) as junior of 4 regular Marine officers in my family.  By Sept I was on Midway.  I got back in Feb or Mar 45.

VMF 311, 513.  Schools, 2+ yrs at Jet Propulsion Lab, CalTech as Navy liaison officer for guided missiles.

Briefly CO VMF 214 (Black Sheep) - then Korea, VMF 323, 312 - flew off K-6, USS Sicily, USS Badoeng Strait. (While I was ExO of 312, my brother was ExO 7th Marines, then Div ass't G-3)

East Coast - VMF 533 - nuclear weapons schools & assignments (delivery sqdrn and on up to AirFMiFLant staff (M1c12 OST and oil burner route creation, targets, etc) AFSC etc,

Flew in Nat'l Air Show at Wright-Patterson in 1953- my F2H-4 squadron and helos and troops put on demonstration of "vertical envelopment - I flew simulated napalm and smoke runs - on the deck, balls to the wall - all I could get out of that lead sled was 508 knots.

Deployed MAC S-4 to Japan as CO. last of my seven wing-division maneuvers (each in different capacity) on Taiwan - far southern tip (O-luan-Pi)

Final tour 3 yrs as Technical Programs Officer for Range Development, Pacific Missile Range - world wide functions - made trips to Europe (twice) and Far East negotiating for tracking sites. Involved 62 Dominic nuclear tests.

Retired Jan 64 as LtCol (I flunked bowing and scraping)

8 or 9 yrs as aerospace engineer Hughes, Boeing (headed one flight control team on Lunar Orbiter), Lockheed.

Night law school at Santa Clara - 17 yrs as civil and patent att'y.

Other than that I've just frittered away the time.



* ( We include real boring stuff here too because everybody knows Marines never had any excitement)