Bob Driscoll B17 Jim Van Ry F4U Drury McCall F4U Tim Crowley B17 Jim Bartley P51 Glenn Dow B24 P47 Joe Lang P47 Ed Ellington P40 P47 Rod Arnett A20 Havoc Ernie Nackord B26 P61 Bill Fulwider PB4Y (B24) Burt Newmark P47 P61 Bob Abramson B29 Ray Burwell P47 P51 Jack Morris  F4U Bob Jensen C47 Bob Klemedson P38 Bob Wuest B25


This Segment of our website is dedicated Wide Community  of European Air War (EAW) who have kept improving this WW II Air Combat Simulator after market pressure forced the developers to reluctantly move on to other projects.

A loosely structured collection of programmers, artists, modelers, and enthusiasts have contributed their expertise to the relentless pursuit of historically accurate immersion in World War II air combat.

Please enjoy and appreciate the outstanding work of these good folks who keep our planes, our experiences, and our memories alive. Much of the unit specific research was based on material supplied from CIB Media. So if you are in the market for a book, dvd, or video tape about all the real life squadrons and planes check it out. It will be well worth it, the reviews alone are worth purusing

European Air War was trademarked by Microprose Corporation and the usual mumbo-jumo disclaimers apply.