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Bob Wuest USAAF  B25 321st BG  Bob Klemedson USAAF P38 49th FG Bob Jensen USAAF C47  15th DAF Jack Morris  USMC F4U VMF 218 Ray Burwell P47 P51 356th FG Bob Abramson  USAAF B29 20th AF 9th BG Burt Newmark P47  P51 78th FG 84th FS Bill Fulwider USN  PB4Y (B24)  VB/VPB 104 Ernie Nackord  USAAF B26 P61 Rod Arnett A20 Havoc USAAF 417th BG   464th BS Ed Ellington  USAA P40  P47  57th FG C.O. of 65th FS Joe Lang P47 USAAF 79th FG 87th FS Glenn Dow B24 P47 464th BG  350th FG Jim Bartley  USAAF P40  P51 353rd FG Tim Crowley B17 100th BG Drury McCall F4U USMC VMF 214 VMF 215 Jim Van Ry F4U USMC VMF 223 Bob Driscoll B17 457th BG Added April 25 2011 - New Video - Interviews-MVs- And More

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Where Have You Gone Joe

You probably know lots of Joe's. Lots of guys named Joe have been born, played ball, gone to war, done both, done neither, lived and then died. Baseball Research lists 750 guys named Joe who played in the Big Leagues including 46 All-Stars Eleven Joes enshrined in the Hall of Fame and one who was good enough to, but was left out

The Wranglers

A Few Of The Characters, USAAF USN, USMC. A 5 minute overview of our guys hosted by 6 of our more "colorful" fellas.

Score-The Whisperers

Pilots  Up Close

Detailed Site Description In Narrative Form. Entry To Pilots Rosters and Their Individual Pages. Click on a pilots picture in the banner overhead to meet another 16 pilots. (There's over 150 of us still kicking at the beginning of 2003) Click the link to meet the rest of us.

Score-Percheron Stallion

It Was Like This-We Were There

Links to some of the more detailed accounts of Units, Personal Logs, Diaries, and graphics from some of our members. Some are quite extensive.  Pilot Biographies can be found on the "Pilots Up Close" Pages above.

Score-The Steel Lady


One of the Most Extensive and Accurate Series of Reports anywhere. It focuses on the role Troop Carriers Played In The D-Day Invasion written by one of our guys a Troop Carrier Pilot himself. If what you think you know is based upon Stephen Ambrose or the History Channel, you are in for a surprise.


Antoine de St.Exupery

A Letter To The American People from Antoine St. Exupery, Fighter Pilot and Aviation Pioneer. Courtesy of 347th Fighter Squadron Commander Hugh Dow. A most insightful and heartfelt view of the American People by France's most beloved national hero of the first half of the 20th Century.

Score-The Final Mission

European Air War

A World Wide Community of artists, programmers, and modelers have transformed this Air Combat Simulator into true works of flying art. These are incredible replicas of the actual planes we flew right down to the same noseart, tail numbers and chipped paint!

 Score-BA BA Black Sheep


Just Like High School only 60 years later.  Dec 7, 1998



Where we hide all the artwork (about 100 pieces) Former AirWarrior III lead artist Frank "Gray Eagle" Williamson is featured here along with graphics of the personal planes we actually flew in combat.  Help Yourself to anything you want.  Everything is free to use as long as you don't try to pass it off as your own. But your a good guy so you wouldn't do that now? We didn't think so.

Score-A Bridge Too Far

Those Who Fall

"I Linger now, looking back for them, the best ones."  
                                          John Muirhead--B-17 Pilot

Score-Somewhere In Time


Our Brothers who have flown their last mission home

Score-Amazing Grace

Bracelet In The Sand

Narrative of a mysterious find on a Belgian Beach, spanning three continents, three generations, in three months. And one B-17 crew.


The Fry Crew

A chance encounter.  An old timer at an airshow.  A missing older brother and a B-24 Crew.  The final chapter.

Music--Londonderry Air