July, 1999 USAF Missing Persons Bulletin Board:

"I hope that you can help me with this enquiry.  About 1 year ago I was metal detecting on the North coast of Belgium, close to Ostend and found a sterling silver identitiy bracelet. This bracelet was completely black and by the amount of work needed to remove the black layer of oxidation from it I can only assume that it had been buried in the sand for many years. The bracelet plate has the US Airforce pilots wings symbol applied to the front surface and under the wings the name ASHLEY M. GUYNN has been engraved. On the reverse side the number 0-746256 is engraved ( I am not sure whether the first character is a letter O or a zero ).

Would it be possible for you to investigate this and advise how this bracelet was lost. Was it lost during an operation during WW11? If so, would it be possible to let me know the details of what occurred. I am extremely curious about this. If it indeed was caused during action perhaps the owner survived and would like his bracelet returned, or if he is no longer alive perhaps there are close relatives alive who may cherish this bracelet, in which case I would gladly contact these and arrange its return. I would be very grateful if you could investigate this matter for me, or if you are unable to access this information would you kindly advise whom I could contact to help me further.

Thanks very much in advance.

Yours truly

Martin Collins

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