Born in the very beginning of the 20th century, Antoine de Saint Exupery is perhaps the most universally loved man in France.   A person would have to strive very hard, even in this new century, to find a French citizen or knowlegable aviator of any nationality who does not know of Saint Exupery-- Airline pioneer, Fighter Pilot, Philospher and revered Author.  


His last P38 mission on July 31st, 1944 was one from which he never returned. He took off from the Airfield of Borgo in Corsica France that day and never went back . He was in the 2/33 French Photo Reconn, working with the 23rd US PRS (Photo Reconn Squadron) also stationed at Borgo Corsica.


Colonel Hugh "Rowdy" Dow (Ret), 350th FG, 347th FS Commander, and brother of 346th FS Pilot Lt. Colonel (Ret) Glenn Dow was gracious enough to pass along the following Saint Exupery letter. It was published for the American people in 1944. It was sent to him by his friend Dominque Taddei.  Dominque was a young Corsican boy during the war, whose parents had known Antoine de Saint Exupery.   Dominque and Colonel Dow have kept up their friendship over the last half century    

Dominique has published a book of the 57th Bomb Wing that covered their time on Corsica from 1943 to 1945.  We count Dominque amongst our very special friends of the World War II Pilots Group.