Frank goes by the handle of "Gray Eagle". One look at the photo of him at left should be hint enough why. We like to refer to him as "Rembrandt" for all his beautiful artfwork of the planes we flew. Even though he lives on the other side of the country in Virginia, we keep a seat for him at our gatherings. He does beautiful work. Our only wish is that we had been able to fly planes as nice and shiny as he paints them. Ours always seemed beat-up with scratched paint, dents, and battle damage.

We appreciate more than we can say, having Frank's work here in its own hangar.
"Thirteen plus years in the USAF, as an ECM troop .. 1972-1986, I went in a boy just married and came out crusty, and am still married to the lady who is my best friend. I met a lot of weasel drivers .. some of the most boresighted people on the planet and learned from them. (salute to 'Lucky' ..a hell of a flyby in the last 105 out of George.  And to Olin, who had the intakes of that bird about 16 *inches* above the pavement coming down the runway before his pitchout over our hangar at Plant 42 on his first checkride in the B-1b. "

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