It Was Like This

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At Ease! We don't bite. Heck, A FEW OF US can barely chew anymore. This is our roster. It is self-explanatory. It has to be. The only propellers we know about are attached to Warbirds, not beanies..

The ROSTER is listed alphabetically; so as you peruse the list, you will see USAAF Bomber Pilots forming up with Luftwaffe Fighter Pilots who are winging alongside Navy PBY Pilots and USMC F4U drivers from Pappy Boyington's old Squadron when it was still the Swashbucklers.  Heck, one of us is even a RAF U-Boat hunter.

Well, there's many more; including a special letter written to the American People in 1943 from ANTOINE ST. EXUPERY.

And For You Folks who want to try your hand at flying our birds in an Air Combat Sim, we have a great group of fellas from the EUROPEAN AIR WAR COMMUNITY who are more than willing to help you out.  Like we said earlier, we don't know much about this computer stuff, but what these guys have done will knock your socks off.

Frank Gray Eagle Williamson has even donated some of the fine artwork he did, when he was the lead artist at AirWarrior. There's over 100 pieces of artwork. Check out the ART GALLERY for wallpaper sized downloads.

Want to know WHAT IT WAS LIKE?  We Were There.

If you think you know the story of the Troop Carriers on D-Day, you probably don't.  The most accurate record of the 821 crews who flew the night of June 5/6th 1944 is right here.  If you are like many, you have been spoon fed a lot of misinformation.  Here is the real deal on the TROOP CARRIERS

There is also a YEARBOOK we distributed to each other in December 1998. At the end, we SALUTE DEPARTED PALS.  Much as we tried, they still went and got themselves kicked out.

FALL   Written by a bomber pilot. Given to us by a Fighter Pilot. It is worth keeping

As we have for the past few years, The World War II Pilots Group gathers every two months in Santa Rosa, California for "hangar talk", a swig or two, and lunch. Not all of us attend every gathering, but generally there are 75-plus of us at each one. (When we can sneak away from the house, that is)

So. "Smoke 'em if you got 'em", click on one of the "roster links", look around, and come back and visit us soon. In the meantime, if there is anything we can help you with just hit link.